Lubricants & Fluids

Choose the GSF Car Parts online store for a choice of car lubricants and fluids from leading international brands. Car repair professionals and retail customers will find lubricants and fluids to fulfil a wide range of requirements. Simply type your car registration number into the box provided and we will direct you to a list of top quality lubricants and fluids that are recommended for your car.

The various liquids and lubricants available for the modern car exist to ensure that each car runs to its optimum performance levels; and does so safely and without excessive wear and tear, which could cause expensive and unnecessary failure of key components. From engine cooling to cabin heating products, which ensure the right conditions within various parts of the car, to brake fluid, oils such as engine oil, gearbox oil and hydraulic oil, you’ll find fluids at work throughout your car.

A number of additives are available within our catalogue of lubricants and fluids. These additives include fuel additive, engine oil additive, petrol and diesel system cleaner and much more. Car lubricants and fluids also include cooling system cleaner, universal lubricant, grease, compressor oil and distilled, de-ionised water. Without these important products, vital components in every modern car are susceptible to excessive wear and damage, which will result in a deterioration of performance or worse, complete failure.

Why Buy Car Lubricants & Fluids from GSF Car Parts?

GSF Car Parts is now the only truly independent national motor factor operating in the UK, and we offer a huge range of high quality lubricants and fluids for every major make of car and light commercial vehicle. Each of these products is produced by a leading industry manufacturer and is available for an affordable, value for money price that you will be happy to pay.

To shop for lubricants and fluids within the GSF Car Parts store, type your registration number into the box on the left of the screen, then browse a list of products which are compatible with your car. It couldn’t be simpler.

We currently operate out of 70+ parts shops throughout the UK and 1 extensive online store. A dedicated mail order team is on hand to provide next day delivery and free carriage on certain order values. We also provide a specialised trade delivery service and free technical advice concerning lubricants and fluids and much more. That’s why it pays to choose GSF.

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