Wheel & Tyre Accessories

Wheel and tyre accessories include tyre valves, tyre valve dust caps and wheel trims. A new set of wheel trims can transform the appearance of your car, but there is a lot more to wheel and tyre accessories than aesthetics.

Tyre valve dust caps are important in preventing dust from entering the tyre valve and creating leakages, which mean that tyres cannot perform to their optimum in safety. It is possible to replace tyre valve cores, as well as dust caps, and GSF Car Parts can offer all wheel and tyre accessories for a great price.

Choose GSF Car Parts for all of your parts and accessories needs, including wheel and tyre accessories by leading international parts brands. We can offer tyre valve cores, caps and wheel trims for many of the most popular car makes and models, and when you shop at GSF you can be sure of getting great products at prices that are hard to beat. You can shop for wheel and tyre accessories today by clicking the accessories and consumables tab.