Buying Guide

We want to make the experience of using our website as simple as possible. Selecting the correct parts in the first place is obviously important to this.

Here are just a few pointers:

  1. With "imported" vehicles you need to be particularly careful in making your parts selection. You may not be able to use the vehicle registration look up feature. Therefore when using the drop down menus ensure that the technical specification from our website matches correctly to the vehicle specification.
  2. Where you are able to utilise the car registration look up function please note that while this is an invaluable tool in assisting you select your parts - it is dependent on the accuracy of the data held by the vehicle registrations office. You should always double-check that the ordered parts are the correct ones for your vehicle.
  3. A car model can change during a particular year so if you are not able to match your vehicle using the registration look up feature just make sure that you have verified you have selected the correct model. You can visit a car sales website to assist you in this.
  4. Many of the parts in our on-line catalogue provide dimensions. To avoid an incorrect selection just check that the size matches to the existing part on your vehicle.
  5. FINALLY : If you are not sure what part to select it is “best not to guess”. You can call us at 01 4606062 for assistance.