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Braking Parts

GSF supply an array of car braking components by leading manufacturers for all major makes and models to both trade and retail customers. These are available on-line or in-shop at competitive prices to keep any brake repair project within a low cost budget. Read More

More on Brakes

Did you know? When you step on your brake pedal, you command a stopping force 10 times as powerful as the force that puts the car in motion. The braking system can exert as much as 1,000 pounds (450 kg) of hydraulic pressure on each of the four brakes. There a two distinct kinds of car brake- disc brakes and drum brakes. In all vehicles each wheel uses its own brake for slowing down and stopping. Due to the importance of your safety you should always test and check your brakes on a regular basis to be sure that you maintain maximum performance. Car brake parts include brake discs and pads, shoes and drums and much more. It is essential that in replacing brake parts that you select compatible and quality parts.