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Ignition Coil

The ignition coil, or spark coil, is a crucial component within a car ignition system, and is required within any car which features an electronic distributor. The ignition coil increases the voltage of the electronic current emitted by the car battery in order for the spark plugs to create an electric spark capable of igniting fuel.

If you are the owner of a car with a distributor ignition system and you need to replace the ignition coil, it is necessary to ensure that you purchase the appropriate part for your make and model of vehicle. GSF Car Parts are a leading UK supplier of ignition coils and can help you to locate the ideal coil for the job; from within an extensive range of quality parts at competitive prices.

Why Buy Ignition Coils from GSF Car Parts?

All you have to do to ensure that you buy the right ignition coil for your needs is enter your registration number into the box on the left of the screen. This allows the fantastic GSF site to direct you to a list of compatible ignition coils for your needs.