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Brake Discs and Pads, Drums and Shoes

The condition of braking parts, such as brake discs or pads, is a crucial factor in an MOT. If that condition is not good, it pays to have brake parts replaced with suitable alternatives. Depending on the make and model of a car, it will employ brake discs and pads, brake drums and shoes, or a combination of both to create the friction needed to slow and stop the car. The forces at work when creating this friction generate a great amount of heat which causes wear and tear. Over time all brake discs and brake pads or brake drums and brake shoes will need to be replaced in order to ensure maximum stopping power. But since different car models employ different brake parts, it is important to find the right replacement; as well as the right price. Read More

Why Buy Brake discs and pads from GSF Car Parts?

The GSF Car Parts online store is home to a selection of brake discs and pads, drums and shoes for different car and light commercial vehicle brands. All of the parts available have been manufactured by top international brakes manufacturers and significant savings against dealership prices can be found. But you don’t just save money when you shop online with GSF; you also save time, because we can quickly direct you to the parts that are right for your car.

Find the brake discs, brake pads, brake drums or brake shoes that you need by typing your car registration into the box. You’ll immediately be directed to the parts that are right for your car. It’s simple, it’s effective; and it’s fast.